Hi there. 👋

My name is Atul Acharya; I’m a maker and builder of things, and I love learning.

This site exists primarily to document my own learning adventures over the years.


Feel free to contact me on Twitter: @AtulAcharya

About Me

One word that describes me: Curious. Two more: Lifelong learner. If you know me, I’m always on a quest to do or learn something new.

My view of AI is that artificial intelligence is an augmentation tool for humans. As such, I am completely fascinated by applied AI, and deep learning. I like and understand the theories; however, I am more enamored by practical use cases of deep learning.

I keep a broad interest in applied AI, and here are a few domains I track.

Applied AI Use Cases

  • Healthcare: Medical diagnostics (radiology, skin cancer detection, diabetic retinopathy, etc.)
  • Robotics: Self driving cars, Autonomous mobile robots, Flying cars
  • AI on the Edge Deep learning applications on smartphones, Raspberry Pi, and other edge-compute devices
  • Aerial: Aerial image (satellite image analytics), drone photography/analytics
  • Creative AI: creative arts (e.g. neural style transfer), creative music generation tools for artists and amateurs
  • Natural Language Understanding: Neural machine translation, language understanding

Things I’m Learning and Building (a constantly updated list)

My brief philosophy

My (very brief) view of humanity is that what separates us from other animals is our ability to learn - from our experiences, from others, and from everything around us. Our ability to expand our potential, and to apply it to daily life. That’s what drives me.


I work on products by day, hack on deep learning projects by night, and learn continously.

A lot of my work and interests are inter-disciplinary. As such, my interests span the big picture – strategy, vision, product, growth, customers – and the details – product management, design, analytics, UX. I switch between the two easily, as do I between technology and business.

Some areas of my work are:

  • Product Management: product + portfolio strategy, product concept to launch, planning/forecasting, [customer] value proposition development, roadmapping, go-to-market strategy
  • Leadership: leading cross-functional teams: product, engineering, design, marketing
  • Engineering: product development (software and hardware), system architecture
  • Analytics: business analytics, data science

Primary areas that interest me:

  • Mobile: mobile apps/services - Messaging, Ads/Analytics, Mobile Commerce/Payments
  • Mobile devices: Smartphones, Tablets, Connected Devices (Wearables, Set-Top Boxes, IOT)
  • Autonomous Systems: Self-Driving Cars, Robotics
  • Retail Tech: Ecommerce, Analytics


[All opinions are mine, not of any employer’s or organization’s, past, present or future. These opinions will evolve as I learn more.]