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Graduated - Machine Learning Specialization

Yay 🎉 I completed the 4-course Machine Learning Specialization by University of Washington, on Coursera.

The courses are taught by rock stars Carlos Guestrin and Emily Fox of University of Washington. Both are amazing teachers, and their passion clearly shows in their videos, tutorials and projects.

Fun fact: Carlos Guestrin was a co-founder of Turi (nee Dato) that was acquired by Apple. Turi created the open source machine learning framework GraphLab. Turi Create, a product from Turi is officially supported by Apple, is used to create custom machine learning models. This means ease of use in creating and deploying machine learning models using CoreML on iOS. 🤖➔📱 👍

The four courses are:

  1. Machine Learning Foundations

  2. Machine Learning - Regression

  3. Machine Learning - Classification

  4. Machine Learning - Clustering and Retrieval

All courses are awesome 👍, full of great intuition and detail. The projects are good.

I’d recommend this course to anyone dedicated to learn machine learning. Go forth!

The journey continues. Onward! 🙏🏻